Mortgage Miracles Happen
Mortgage Miracles Happen

Clone: Testimonials

Chuck H

Ogden, UT
Pilot for major airline

Type of transaction: Purchases

Chuck and his wife have purchased several properties over the years for investment purposes. They choose us to assist them with both an investment property and also for the home they now live in.

Nancy M

Ivins, UT
Retired School Teacher

Type of transaction: Refinance & purchase of new home

Nancy was in her last year of teaching and wanted to purchase a house to live in for her retirement years.
We helped her refinance and restructure her overall finances so she could purchase a home in Saint George, Utah during her last year of teaching. We then helped her purchase the home that she picked out to live in for retirement and this has been a great financial planning and retirement game plan for Nancy.

Matt H

Ogden, UT
UPS Driver

Type of transaction: Short Refinance (Refinance when you owe more than the value of the property)

Matt came to us asking if we could help him refinance. After having reviewed his paperwork on the loan he had at the time, he had previously been put into a sub-prime loan that was over 11% for the 1st mortgage.
This was done by one of the major national banks in town. Out of all situations that I’ve even seen, this is by far the most unfair and unscrupulous lending I’ve ever seen. And this was not from a broker or a mortgage bank, but from a well known national lender. Matt had grounds to sue this bank for predatory lending, but opted to have us help him refinance and get out of the loan with Wells Fargo that was a “Bad Loan”. It took 5 months of negotiating and going back and forth with Wells Fargo to accomplish this. We got Matt and his family out of a bad situation and into a good loan through a “Short Refinance”. Never has there been a happier client than Matt H. He is the person of all persons to speak to about not going to this major national bank and their bait and switch tactics and also for having a good experience with. Matt will happily speak to anyone that would like to have a personal reference.

David & Maxine H

ST George, UT

Type of transaction: Purchase
We were able to help David and Maxine with purchasing their new home to live in for retirement.  We were able to close at title earlier than scheduled on the REPC (purchase contract).  The happiest and most surprised person in this transaction was the real estate agent.  He was not expecting that we’d be ready to close as quick as we did.


Chris W.

Orem, Utah
Chief Technology Officer,

Type of transaction: Refinance (House was valued less than what was owed on the mortgages)

Details: Chris & his wife owed more on their home than their home is valued in the summer of 2010. They had attempted to refinance with other lenders and had asked for a loan modification with the bank but were turned down for a loan modificaiton.
We were able to help Chris and his wife lower their payments.

Scott T.

North Ogden, Utah
Project manager of new buildings, America First Credit Union

Type of transaction: VA Refinance  & VA Purchase

Details: We originally helped Scott & his wife purchase their current home with a VA loan.
We just recently helped them refinance their VA loan into a low fixed interest rate. They were ecstatic. Not only did they not have any closing costs, but they received cash back and had a smaller principle balance by the way the numbers worked in their favor. Scott was ecstatic at the closing table when he saw the numbers being better than he expected at the time of application.