Checklist of items needed for Residential mortgage loan, please print this page and assemble the following checklist of documents.

Please provide the checklist of documents electronically. The preferred file types for each file are .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files

Loan Application – Online Mortgage Application

The online loan application will take 20 to 40 minutes to complete.

After you have completed the online application, our office will prepare disclosures that must be signed (after the online loan application has been completed).

ID for each borrower (electronic)

Income Documentation

If you are a W2 Employee (Wage Earners)

Note: If you have been a salaried employee (W2 Income employee for the last 2 years +, you may only need W2 pay-stubs. If you have other income reported on your tax returns other than your W2 income, then you will need the tax returns OR if the underwriter requests the tax returns for some other reason.

Self-Employed (business owners & anyone with 20% ownership in any business)

1099 Income / Commission income

Other Income Sources – If you receive income from any of the following:

If Just out of school, a copy of your school transcripts may be needed if there is not a work history for the previous two (2) years.

Employment Gap Letter of explanation

Verification of Employment – (Employment Details)

  1. Name of person in HR Department
  2. Tel # of HR Department
  3. Email address to the person in HR Department
  1. Employer ID
  2. Salary “Key Code”
  3. Company “Key Code”

b> Asset Verification (Proof of Financial Assets)


  1. All pages required for each statement.
  2. Two (2) most recent statements for each account
  3. Account names must be the signors on the loan. If the name on the bank statements is not one of those signing on the loan (ie. a spouse or a parent), a letter from both the bank stating the person on the loan is either on the account but not on the statement and also a letter from the person whose name is on the bank statement that says the person signing on the loan has full access to withdraw funds from the account for any purpose.
  4. If any large deposits have been made in the last two (2) months, must be able to show where the large deposits came from by either.

Home Owners Insurance Agent Contact Details

Verification of Mortgage (Housing History)

Refinance Transactions

Copy of:

  1. Current Mortgage Statement
  2. Trust Deed & Note
  3. Settlement statement (HUD’s) If the refinance is within 12 months of when you bought your home, you will need a copy of the Settlement statement (HUD’s) that you received from the title company or attorney that did your closing.
  4. If you recently sold a house or another property, a copy of the Closing Disclosure (CD) (or Settlement statement/HUD’s), signed by both the buyer and the seller and the escrow officer.

Note: (If you have a mortgage from a private individual, we will need to verify payment history for the past 12 months. We need to have their name, phone number, fax & address.

Mortgage Statement

Cash Out Refinance (If a refinance cash-out loan)

strong> VA Loans – Required paperwork


  • We (the lender) orders the appraisal on loans through an AMC (Appraisal Management company).
  • Payment of the appraisal is paid for upfront by either debit or credit card prior to the appraisal being ordered.
  • We can accept appraisal transfers on a case by case basis, depending on the loan product and depending on who ordered the appraisal & date of the appraisal.

Other documents

HOA (Home Owners Association)
If the property being financing or any other property that you own is in a homeowners association, (PUD or PRUD or Condo Association)
Contact details for the Home Owners Association management.

Copy of the most recent statement / Invoice for the HOA (even if it is for a different property that is owned and not being financed to show what the payments are and if you are current or not current with the HOA).

Letters of Explanations: See below Rules of Thumb for when to write a letter of explanation:

Credit Explanations

Divorce Decree (If Divorced or if you’ve previously gone through a divorce, even if you’ve been remarried)

Bankruptcy (If previously filed for Bankruptcy)

Copy of Bankruptcy Discharge document(s)

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