Documents needed for an FHA Streamline Refinance
a) Loan application – Online Loan Application” – After the initial application is done, we will prepare the documents to be signed & dated

b) Disclosures (Loan officer will send this to you for electronic signature after you do the online application).

The following documents are Required for processing your FHA Streamline Refinance loan.Please provide in .PDF files. Let us know if you cannot provide the documents in .pdf format.
1) Settlement statement from your current loan (Found in your closing package/closing documents of your current loan from the title company).

2) Mortgage Note – Current FHA Loan (Usually located in your closing documents of your current loan closing package from the title company).

3) Copy of your current mortgage statement.

4) Copy of Drivers License or Government issued ID – (Must be clear & legible – take a picture with your phone or scan)

5) Copy of Social Security Card (for each borrower – (Must be clear & legible – take a picture with your phone or scan)

6) Copy of Home Owners Insurance Policy (Needed to verify you have sufficient insurance coverage to be able to get the new VA loan.)

Contact details for your insurance agent or insurance company if you do not have an insurance agent.

Name, Phone #, Email Address, Fax #

If you have other properties, provide the insurance agent for each property if they are different insurance agents.

If you have any other properties that you own, we will need a current evidence of insurance for each property owned (the insurance agent to provide).

7) FHA case number (on your current loan, this can be found on one of two documents; 1) Note 2) Deed of Trust)

8) Employment verification – We verify that you are currently working with your employer. We will need the employment section of the loan application completed. We will need to have the contact information of your HR department or employer or The Work Number Information to verify your employment.

9) Bank statement (2 most recent months, all pages) – ONLY NEEDED IF YOU BRING ANY FUNDS TO CLOSING. Otherwise NOT NEEDED.

Other Items needed

Letters of explanation – If needed when we pull your credit report

a) All credit inquiries on the credit report (Loan officer will help with this in reviewing the credit report).

b) All addresses on the credit report (Loan officer will help with this).

c) All name variations on the credit report (Loan officer will help with this).

d) If a spouse or another individual is on the bank statement, and that individual(s) are not on the loan, then a “Joint Access Letter” is required. It must state: The other indvidual(s) on the bank account gives authorization to the person getting the loan to use the funds for the purpose of buying the house (property). Must be signed & dated.

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