Mortgage Miracles Happen
Mortgage Miracles Happen

Commercial Loan Docs

Forms To Complete for commercial loan & send back

Photo’s of the property

  • Interior & Exterior photo’s of the property (each unit inside).
  • Have pictures of the street both ways. Make sure the exterior photo’s show the foundation of the property, each side of the building (complete sides) & back of the building, street view in each direction, the parking lot.
  • Pictures MUST be recent!

Description of the property

1 page description of the property, including: Type of property, square footage, size of lot, age of building, when you bought the property & for how much.

(i.e. 8-Plex, strip mall, mixed use, special type of property: Restaurant, gas-station, mobile home, health-care facilities)

If it is mixed-use, please describe each unit & what it is used for.

Property-type Sepecific Documentation

Additional documents could be required for specialty types, such as automotive, hospitality, restaurant, gas-station, mobile home & health-care facilities.


  • Balance Sheet (Recent) – Download Here
  • Last Two (3) Years of Tax Returns – Business & Personal
  • Profit & Loss Statement (Year to date)
  • Last 2 month’s of accounts (Savings, Checking, Brokerage accounts i.e. = Stock, Bonds, IRA’s, 401K’s, any other investment accounts) – with the address of your bank or credit union.
  • Expense Statements
  • Copies of Contracts

  • Lease (Rent) agreements (for each / all tenants)
  • Estoppel Letters (agreements for each tenant)


If getting Cash Out or Credit Issues that need to be explained:

Letter of Explanation(s)

  • Letter explaining the purpose of cash out, signed & dated. If there are credit issues that need to be explained, please provide a letter and any documentation available.


  • Commercial appraisal – we (the Lender) orders a NEW appraisal. The appraisal fee is paid for upfront on commercial loans. Old appraisals, as well as appraisals that borrowers have ordered CAN NOT be used. There are no short cuts to this and no exceptions, no matter how good the explanation sounds.

Other Items

  • Environmental Study(ies)
  • Environmental permits (if applicable)
  • Insurance Agent name & contact details
  • Copy of Payoff (If a Refinance)
  • Breakdown of construction costs (If a constructin loan or improvements)
  • Copy of Permit(s) (if permits are required on a constructino loan)
  • Copy of bid(s) if a construction loan

Pending on the type of property, if any other 3rd pary fee’s for due dilligence needs to be done, those fee’s are collected upfront.

Some commercial transactions have commitment fees. This has been typical in the commercial lending industry for the past 2 1/2 years. This is not paid to the broker, it’s paid to the lender.