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There are too many examples of families that have not had life insurance and the real point is:

“You cannot afford to not have life insurance”

“You cannot afford to not have the proper coverage for your family”.

Whether it’s life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, long term care insurance.

The question is, How much do you really care about your loved ones and the financial challenges that can or will happen when a tragedy occurs due to the financial loss that is associated with death?

In knowing what they would go through without your financial contribution to the family,you can’t afford to not to have life insurance. For a small amount of money that it costs, you’re family will be greatful that you have a life insurance policy. Who needs life insurance? Minimum: At the Bare minimum, the main bread winner of the family. Who Else should be insured with Life Insurance and why? Spouse – With most families in America dependent upon two incomes, women today are quite often under insured. Whether they are bringing in money or not, they Must be insured. To cover any unexpected medical bills, financial loss that may occur at a later time, ie. mortgage, auto loans, credit card bills, student loans, business expenses, child care expenses to take care of the children, funeral expenses. Children – (Child Rider) Why? To cover any unexpected medical bills, funeral expenses in case of death of a child or multiple children. Even if you think you can pay out of your own pocked, often families are dealt with tens of thousands of dollars in greater expenses than they ever imagine when a tragedy occurs. The financial set back associated with the loss of a child is greater than most parents realize. The emotional drain of a loss of a child is great enough, but to add the financial losses makes the situation compound the loss even greater. It isn’t worth not protecting your family by trying to shortcut $10 to $15 per month. Business Owners – Key person in a business. Key Man policy – Key person in a business / company / organization. What is the purpose of life insurance? It is to cover the financial loss of a person when they die so the survivors can continue to live without the standard of living being affected. For life insurance on children, it is to cover the cost of a funeral and any unexpected costs associated with the death of that child or teenager. For a wife, it’s to cover the costs of not only a funeral, but also to help run the family, pay off the house, medical bills, etc. It can also be used as a strategic estate planning tool to leave money to your children, grandchildren (posterity), a foundation, charity (any organization you see fit to) tax free. For example, instead of leaving real estate and/or other assets that have estate taxes due upon the death of the owner of the assets,your beneficiaries can have a greater amount of money left to them by buying a life insurance policy that will guarantee a minimum amount of money to the beneficiary tax free.

Get an Instant Life Insurance Quote Now!