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Here is the SECRET credit bureaus don’t want you to know!

In 1971 the US Congress passed the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  It contains 200 laws and over 400 by-laws.  Buried in all of this legal language is Section 609.  In this section, Congress mandated that any information reported about you on your credit report MUST be backed up by “verifiable proof”

It is not acceptable that the bureaus simply verify this with the creditor!  The bureaus must have the actual documents on hand at the repository and they must be made available to the consumer at their request.

Here Is The Reality:

The credit bureaus rely on the creditor, bank, finance companies, credit card companies, etc. to provide them accurate information, but not the actual documents!

What are Sections 609, 610 & 611?

These are the sections of the Fair Credit Reporting Act which requires that any and all information reported on your credit report about you must have documentation on hand at the repository and be available to you at your request.

But That Is Not What The Law Says!




Without “verifiable proof” the credit bureaus must permanently


remove any bad credit AND it can not be re-reported.




Why are We different?


Unlike the credit repair companies, we do not dispute what your credit is.  We dispute the credit bureaus right to publish any credit information about you for which they do not have documentable proof on hand which they are required to have by law.  To date, we have yet to receive any “proof documents” from any of the three credit repositories.  Withoutproof, they must permanently retract any disputed postings.



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Our company is your #1 source for credit education. We pride ourselves on being able to educate the average American citizen on the credit system.

Please take the time necessary to educate yourself on the credit system…….debt management…..and budgeting. Especially at a time when the entire country is having such a financial struggle. Be a part of the solution and not the problem. If you arm yourself with this knowledge you may be able to take advantage in these times when only those priviledged to have maintained a great credit profile will be able to reap the financial rewards.

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