Credit Restoration & Protection Plan Enroll Online – $499, Can Split into 2 payments

Included is the Credit Restoration, MyCare Plan & Life Lock with the monthly plan.

VistaMoney VRTech Prepaid MasterCard Enroll Online

Life Lock – Guarantee Your Good Name

MyCare Plan – Information


Independent Agent Agreement

Included is the FES Protection Plan (Credit Restoration, MyCare Plan & Life Lock) with the monthly plan.



Credit Restoration Enroll Online – $499, Can Split into 2 payments

The duration of the service is five dispute cycles, typically lasting eleven to twelve months.

Credit Restoration – Customer Enrollment – Enroll Online $199 & $39 per month

VistaMoney VRTech Prepaid MasterCard Enroll Online

What Is The VistaMoney VRTech Prepaid MasterCard?
The VistaMoney VRTech Prepaid MasterCard is a prepaid card that allows our cardholders to access funds deposited to an account. Our prepaid card can be used to withdraw money or pay for goods and services.

Once you have received your prepaid card, you can make purchases everywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted. You can also use it to access cash at any ATM that displays the MasterCard, Maestro, or Cirrus acceptance marks, in over 210 countries.

Unlike a credit card, which extends a line of credit, the VistaMoney VRTech Prepaid MasterCard only allows cardholders to spend the money which they have previously loaded onto the card. Since no credit is extended to prepaid cardholders, interest and overdraft fees are avoided. Note: Other usage fees may apply. Consult the fee schedule below.

The VistaMoney VRTech Prepaid MasterCard Reports Positive Payment Behavior to All Three Major Credit Bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion
Now, you can get credit for your bill pay transactions that you’re already paying, but may have not been reporting to the three major credit bureaus. Approximately 50 million Americans have little or no credit history on file with the Experian, Equifax and TransUnion bureaus but earn a steady income and meet regular payment obligations of rent, utilities and recurring bills. These potential creditworthy customers are often denied for credit offerings due to their “thin” or nontraditional credit history.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the automatic bill payment report to the credit bureaus as an open revolving trade line?
  • Yes, the Bill Pay account will report as an open revolving trade line showing your payment history.

  • If I only authorize a one-time bill pay, will that account report to the credit bureaus?
  • No, only recurring Bill Pay accounts will report to the credit bureaus.

  • How long does it take before the Bill Pay account is reported to the credit bureaus?
  • The Bill Pay account will report to the credit bureaus after the second monthly payment has been made. It is recommended that you use the Bill Pay feature for each month following, as the continuous payments will create the greatest benefit to your credit score.

  • How often does the Bill Pay account report to the credit bureaus?
  • The Bill Pay account will report to the credit bureaus monthly, typically on the 10th of the month following the Bill Pay.

  • Are there any automatic bill payments that will not report to the credit bureaus?
  • As long as they are paid through the Bill Pay feature, payments made to the following categories will report your payment history to the credit bureaus: rent, electric, natural gas, heating oil, water, sewer, phone, utility, cable, satellite, day care, insurance, self storage, parking, non-utility service, remittances, mobile home, alimony, child support, periodic financial service and telecommunication.

  • If an account has a Family card attached to it, will the Bill Payment be reported to the credit bureaus?
  • Only the primary cardholder’s payments are reported to the credit bureaus.


Life Lock – Guarantee Your Good Name

Identity theft can happen anywhere to anyone. In line at the store, online at home or when you’re buying your morning coffee. If your identity is stolen, you can spend hundreds of hours cleaning up your credit and struggling to get back your good name. That’s because stolen identities are used up to 30 times, with most victims only discovering the theft after they’ve been turned down for a loan or contacted by a collection agency. You may already be a victim, many times over, and not even know it. But not with LifeLock.

LifeLock, the industry leader in proactive identity theft protection, offers a proven solution that prevents your identity from being stolen before it happens. LifeLock will protect your identity and personal information for only $99 – and the service is guaranteed up to $1,000,000. LifeLock also offers an identity theft and child protection program, so guarantee your security today and enroll now.

Let LifeLock protect your good name. As a consumer, you have rights that allow you to take more control over who uses your identity and how they use it. LifeLock will do the mechanics, the details if you will, to enforce those rights. And they stand behind their service with a $1,000,000 Service Guarantee. We charge $99 to do it.

UltraScore™ provides the tools necessary to help anyone understand the credit scoring system and how it impacts their financial health and freedom.
UltraScore™ offers:

UltraScore™ will enable the client to…

How will the client benefit?
A credit score is the most important number in someone’s financial life as well as the most influential one. The higher someone’s credit score, the more financial opportunities they will have. A higher credit score will bring:

What it offers…
UltraScore™ breaks down the five key components of the client’s credit score and provides the client with a customized credit file analysis of the negative and positive factors affecting their credit score. This includes:

Although UltraScore™ has been designed to enhance and maximize a client’s credit score; it is not a substitute for credit restoration. UltraScore™ will not remove inaccurate, obsolete or erroneous information from a client’s credit report.

MyCare Plan – Information

MyCare Plan™ Enroll Online

What is “MyCare Plan™”?
Life can be full of uncertainties. You can’t always control the unfortunate circumstances in your life, however, you can have a plan in place should they occur. MyCare Plan™ will enable you to plan not only for yourself, but for your loved ones as well.

MyCare Plan™ is our way of helping you plan for life’s uncertainties. It includes a variety of planning tools and options so that you may customize your plans for yourself and your family.

MyCare Plan™ will assist you with the following essentials:

Independent Agent Agreement

FES has set the industry standard as a company built on a foundation of integrity, character and an exceptional commitment to obtaining the best results possible for each client. You can be sure you are working with outstanding products as well as state-of-the-art support services .

What do we offer?

FES offers an exciting business opportunity that allows you to earn income with the convenience of a flexible schedule and very little investment. Be your own boss. Make your own schedule. As an independent sales agent, you choose the time you want to work. Stay at home. Sell online. As a company specializing in financial education, we offer a wide range of services with easy online customer enrollments. Reach limitless success. Sound too good to be true? Here’s more.

Our lucrative compensation plan allows you to earn money several different ways :

  • Commissions from direct sales of any of our financial education services, including credit restoration , FES Protection Plan, LifeLock, wills and trusts or the VRTMG Prepaid card
  • CAB Bonuses for helping new recruits make their first sale
  • Financial Overrides and Leadership Bonuses from the sales of your downline sales agents
  • Field training bonuses as you help train others get a successful business start
  • A chance to earn even more with expense allowances and award gifts
  • FES provides the training, support, processing, accounting and all of the tools needed to be successful
We offer the best products on the market today!

FES offers three proven credit enhancing services to improve credit scores as well as educate consumers on the importance of good credit, and how to get it, maintain it, and protect it.

FES also provides other financial education services to enhance your selling portfolio, including an estate planning package complete with a Living Trust, Last Will, and Financial and Health Care Powers of Attorney. This service offers the opportunity to make plans for the future, as well as offering protection in the event of an unexpected life changing event, providing peace of mind at a superb cost.

The VR-Tech Prepaid MasterCard allows clients to access funds deposited in an account while shopping anywhere MasterCard debit is accepted.

Affiliate Enrollment

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