Mortgage Miracles Happen
Mortgage Miracles Happen

What is your 401-K Value doing?

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1) “Do you know if you have the best or worst performing funds in your 401K?”

2) “Do you have a risk management strategy if the market were to crash tomorrow”?

Probably just about everyone you talk to with a 401K would answer “No” to both of those questions.

What if you could tell them
“With a 15 minute phone or in person appointment
I can help you answer “YES” to both of those questions”?


There are 49 Million American’s with 401K’s

And the reality is no one cares about other people’s 401K’s


Because people think there is no money in helping someone with their 401K’s.

There are 49 Million people who want help…Can you say OPPORTUNITY!

401(k) investors are typically uneducated. Especially the average investor. So where is the average investor to turn? No one will help them. They are tricked into believing that buy and hold is the best option. Yet no one even helps them find the best buy and hold options.

A couple of things that are sadly ironic

  • A financial advisor is someone who is certified to give financial advise because they have taken test about rules and regulations. This test does not test their competency to make good investment decisions. Rather it test their ability to follow rules and to match A with B regardless of outcome.  In short, they are not required to be good at picking funds just good at selling them and saying the right things when they do.
  • One of my friends works at one of the largest mutual fund companies in the country. He asked if they had any bear funds for when the market is in a recession. The immediate response is “WE ARE ALWAYS BULLISH”.  He was in the training class to help customers choose funds and on what to tell them when they call in.  He was getting certified to be a financial advisor.  And when you call him…if he wants to keep his job….he will tell you “We are always bullish….be patient it will come back”.  Is this really good advice? I mean riding through a 50%  drop in 2008 and saying don’t worry I know 50% is gone but it will come back…..AKA “LET IT RIDE!!!!!”

So what are the average investors options?

There is a ton of information out there that only confuses the average person.

They need something simple.

  • They don’t know what to do so they fall for the latest  “special named fund”.  The 2020 retirement fund, or 2030 retirement fund etc…. As if the name of the fund really is going to help them achieve their retirement goals by that year. As if the mixture of bonds and stocks is really an indicator of whether it will meet their needs.
  • They can pour through countless pages on morningstar or a 100 page prospectus.  Where do they even start??

People are fed up. They are scared. They don’t know where to turn.

We help the average family / individual to NEVER LOSE ANY Money, NEVER!

We offer products that have a GUARANTEED NO LOSS OF PRINCIPLE!



There is a crisis right now in America! People put all their trust in their 401K as if there were some 401K Genie out there who will provide for them. Yet they are not educated they have no idea how to protect that investment. It is most likely their largest investment/savings account for many of them yet their is absolutely no idea on if it is in the best or worse funds in their 401K. They have no plan of what to do when the next big crash comes around the corner.

About 6 years ago some of my friends and family asked for help. I decided to help them and do something about this crisis.

It started small with just a few companies and their 401K plans. Then it grew and grew and it now instantly analyzes over 22,000 mutual funds and now there are over 20,000 companies 401(k) plans preloaded in the system.