Are you TIRED of Banks Ripping you off with Low Interest Rates?

Banks pay you less than 1.5 % on your money and if you have a CD, you’re lucky if you get 2% on a CD.

Are you TIRED of Losing Money in your retirement / Investment account(s)?

Over the past 3 years, many baby boomers thought that they would be able to retire, but many have lost 1/2 to 3/4ths of the value of their retirement accounts, whether it’s been their

IRA, 401-K, Mutual Fund, Money Market Account, Stock portfolio.

If these same individuals would have had their retirement accounts in either a “Fixed Annuity” or an “Equity Indexed Annuity”, then they would have not lost any money and been ahead of the market.

If you are looking to protect your principle and not have a loss, then a “Fixed Annuity” or an “Equity Indexed Annuity” is for you.


Are you worried the stock market is going to go down or plummet? It’s not just a worry, but rather the inevitable question of when. Just as taxes will increase with the amount of debt that has been placed by those in Washington, the teeter totter of taxes increasing, markets will react in simultaneous in a teeter totter manner of going down and interest rates increasing upwards. As this happens, the US Dollar will weaken, the stock market will trend downward & our economy will struggle.



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