Your current mortgage is either an FHA Mortgage

Your current interest Rate is at least 4.75% or higher

With the information that I have researched, I know I can save you quite a bit of money each year.

You are eligible for an FHA streamline.

An FHA streamline does not require an appraisal, income documentation and is a very easy thing to do.


We can see if it is better to do a refinance into a conventional loan.

I would love to help you in saving money each month.

The average savings is between $150 to $250 per month.

This can pay for a trip to the grocery store or help out.

Or help get life insurance or additional life insurance for your family.

Or pay down on other debts or save for the future.

Let us help you save money so you can better your future.

Don’t be complacent with what you have by doing nothing

How to get started & what’s the process:

1 – Fill out the online loan application

Apply online

This will take you about 20 minutes

You do not need to fill in the following sections of the application,

Just skip over those sections

2              Electronic Signatures Required After

After we receive the online application, we verify your credit score and will require signature on the application and the disclosures. We will email the disclosures that will be signed via electronic signature.

3              Documents that are needed to process a Streamline Refinance

You can either email the documents to me


Upload to a secure folder via DropBox that we will set up for you


Fax them to us


You can mail them to our office (the old fashioned way)

4                              Closing of the loan:

You will need to sign the final closing documents from the title company in a couple of weeks.

This is usually done at the title company’s office. In certain instances a mobile notary can be used for a fee.

Documents that are needed to process a FHA Streamline Refinance

1) Settlement statement from your current loan

Found in your  closing package / closing documents of your current loan from the title company.

2) Mortgage Note – Current  FHA Loan

Located in the closing package of your loan that you received from the title company.

3) Copy of your current mortgage statement.

4) Copy of Drivers License or Government issued ID

(Must be clear & legible – take a picture with your phone or scan)

5) Copy of Social Security Card (for each borrower

(Must be clear & legible – take a picture with your phone or scan)

6) Copy of Home Owners Insurance Policy

Needed to verify you have sufficient insurance coverage to be able to get the new loan.


Contact details for your insurance agent

or insurance company if you do not have an insurance agent.

7) Employment verification

We verify that you are currently employed by calling the HR department or your boss.

We will need the employment section of the loan application completed.

We will need to have the contact information of your HR department or employer or The Work Number Information to verify your employment (if your employer uses The Work Number).

Go to this page on my website for the checklist list of documents needed for the processing of the application.


VA IRRL Refinance Documents needed