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We are a VA Cash-out refinance Mortgage Loans.

Qualifying For a VA Cash Out Refinance loan

In order to qualify for VA cash out refinance, you must first have an appraisal done on your home. The VA will also charge a funding fee, unless you are exempt from this fee. Many times this can be rolled into the loan amount. There is actually no specific amount of time that a homeowner must have their current loan, in order to take advantage of the VA cash-out program, but there must be some equity built up in the home.

Cash Out Can Get You Up To 100% of  the Value of your Home

Homeowners may cash-out as much as 100% of their current appraised value. Keep in mind; this does include the closing costs. VA cash-out refinance is not the same as a streamline refinance. There are quite a few do not get the two confused.

How Much Equity Does A Veteran Need?

A Cash Out Refinances is a much more logical way to get needed funds when you have a need without having to pay high-interest rates from sources that strap our veterans.

In order to benefit from the VA cash out refinance, you must simply have sufficient equity in your home. At some point in a veteran’s life, they may need extra cash to take care of medical bills, college for their children or grandchildren or for emergencies.

Basic guidelines for a VA Cash Out Loan

To get cash out refinance, we will order an appraisal and the value must equal what the  loan amount is. You must live (occupy) the home.  You cannot have had any late payments in the last twelve (12) months. Obtaining cash out refinance requires following guidelines that may be stricter then that of the VA loan process. Remember this is only for veterans who are using their equity to take cash out.

VA Loan Rates Are still at Low Interest Rate Levels

Now is an excellent time to refinance your home because mortgage rates, including VA loan rates are still at low rates. If you currently have a loan with a higher rate or you need to consolidate debt, a VA Cash Out Refinance may be for you.  If you already have a fixed-rate VA loan, refinancing may allow you to save a hundred dollars or more on your current monthly mortgage payment.

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Apply online for a VA Mortgage Loan

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