The form DD 214 is a document that is established by and provided by the United States Department of Defense. This document is issued when a military service member retires, separates or is discharged from being in active-duty in the military.

The DD Form 214, also known as the Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, is the separation document issued by the US Department of Defense. This document contains information regarding a service member’s military separation, retirement, or discharge.

This form confirms the Veteran’s eligibility and their standing with the military (whether the veteran is retired, separated, or discharged from the military). It gives the details needed for a VA loan. It even tells if the veteran received an honorable or dishonorable discharge or misconduct. A VA Loan can not be processed if these eligibility requirements are not met. In order to be eligible for a VA loan, VA loan applicants have to have had an honorable discharge to qualify for a VA loan.

On VA purchase loans, VA Cash-out loans and if you are refinancing into a VA loan from a non-VA loan to a VA loan you will need to supply a copy of your DD-214 to help the VA lender establish eligibility for your VA home loan.

The VA lender can often receive your Certificate of Eligibility instantly through VA’s direct website, even without your DD-214. It’s worth speaking to a VA loan officer if you are not able to get the document right away.

Since active duty service members are not yet separated from service, they will not have a DD-214. In lieu of this document, they need to supply a statement of service signed by the adjutant (senior officer’s assistant), personnel office, or commander of the unit.

Keep Back-up Records:

It is strongly encouraged to keep multiple copies and back up copies of your DD-214 discharge paperwork. We have helped people that lost their DD 214 forms in moves, floods and homes lost to fire. It is wisdom to keep these forms in back up and safe locations. Nevertheless, accidents happen where forms are lost.

How to get form DD 214 -Requesting Your DD-214

1. Digital Express

If you need your DD-214 quickly, you should request the services of a DD-214 express service. There are numerous services found online, and there is a usually a fee associated. But if you need your DD Form 214 in a hurry, expedited service is a great option.

2. Request your DD-214 online

If you don’t need your DD-214 right away, you can request it online (download) it directly from the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC).


This option allows you to complete the necessary information online through eVetRecs, NPRC’s online request system.

Once you download the form, both sides must be completed.

3. Request the DD-214 by fax

DD 214 And SF 180

To get the form sent via Fax, you must complete form “SF 180”. This form, “SF 180” can be downloaded and faxed from Fax-on-Demand, and can be mailed or faxed to the address on the form. See below

You can also request DD-214 duplicate copies directly from the National Personnel Records Center by faxing a completed and signed SF-180 form to fax number 314-801-9195.

4. Mail in your request

You can also request by writing a letter to the National Personnel Records Center.

You will need to include the following:

Mail a written request for your DD214 to:

National Personnel Records Center
Military Personnel Records
1 Archives Drive
St. Louis, MO 63138

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My DD-214 is lost, what do I do?

If you were recently discharged from the military who is separated or retired at an overseas location, it may take up to one (1) year before the National Record Center has a copy in their archives. If this applies to you, you can contact the orderly room, First Sergeant or Sergeant Major in charge of where you separated or retired and request a copy directly from your final base.