DSCR Investment property Mortgage Loans – This is a non-owner occupied loan (NOO) for real estate investors that qualifies the borrower on only the rental income and not on personal tax returns.

DSCR Loans are mortgage loans designed for 1-to-4 unit investment property owners for investors.

The non-owner-occupied market is anything but predictable, but one thing is certain – with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac restricting their non-owner-occupied investments and over 24 million non-owner-occupied properties in the USA, the opportunity has never been greater to expand your non-owner occupied product offerings to fill this need.

  1. Qualifies off the cash-flow of the rental property
  2. No Income, No Employment, and no Reserves Required
  3. Low Rate
  4. No Pricing Adjustments
  5. Simple Guidelines
  6. No Reserves Required
  7. 100% Gift Funds Allowed
  8. First Time Investors Welcome
  9. Qualify Using Starting Payment
  10. Escrows Not Required
  11. Unlimited Financed Properties Allowed
  12. Loan Amounts From $100,000 to $2,000,000

Investor Cash Flow


What types of NOO properties are included?
NOO 1-to-4 unit investment properties, short-term vacation properties, that do not need to currently be rented.
Mixed-use properties or condotels do not qualify.


What makes DSCR different?


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