We specialize in Jumbo Loans in California, Colorado, Idaho,Nevada, Oregon, Utah & Washington.

Up to 90% financing available with this program Benefits and Features.

Retirement accounts are not eligible funds, CDs, money market, savings, and others.

Eligible assets include stocks, bonds, mutual pledge account requirements are the brokerage firm of choice, as long as certain requirements are kept.

Trading in an account is allowed in the pledged account.

Pledged assets may be kept with the bank pledge brings effective LTV to 80% or less requirements are kept.

No Mortgage Insurance (MI) required as long investment  appreciation benefiting from interest, dividends and investment strategy in place and continually

Ability to defer capital gains tax by keeping there finance properties and in conjunction with a cash-out products including second homes, investment

Available in lieu of a down payment.

Any family member may pledge assets on behalf of the borrower.

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