Mortgage Miracles Happen is a jumbo mortgage loans lender in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Texas, Utah, Wyoming.

Jumbo Mortgage Loans are Mortgage Loans that do not meet the conforming loan limits.

As a jumbo mortgage broker, we have multiple jumbo mortgage loan products available to match more clients needs and personal borrowing needs.

If your Loan amount is over the conforming loan limit, you could qualify for either a fixed or an ARM Jumbo loan.

Jumbo Mortgage Loan products:

Fixed Rate Jumbo Loans

Arm Jumbo Loans

We offer jumbo loans in the following areas of Colorado, Utah or Texas.

Refinance Jumbo Mortgage Loan

If your jumbo mortgage loan interest rate is higher than what the market interest rates are today, chances are, It’s too high.  We will help you restructure your jumbo loan into a product that you will be able to pay off your mortgage much faster.

You are not only paying to much each month, but over the life of your loan, you are currently on track to pay tens to hundreds of thousands more than you should if you take the time and allow me to help you restructure your mortgage.

You need to take action on your part to allow me to help you pay your house off faster by refinancing while market conditions allow you to rates are very attractive for the jumbo market.


Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert

Colorado Jumbo Mortgage Loans

Denver, Colorado Springs, Aspen, Telluride, Steamboat Springs,

Florida Jumbo Loans

Miami, Hollywood, Keys, Key West, Orlando, Daytona, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville

Texas Jumbo Loans

Dallas, Plano, Fort worth, Mansfield, Austin, Houston,  

Utah Jumbo Loans

Salt Lake city, Draper, North Salt Lake, Bountiful, Kayesville, Park City, Deer Valley, Heber City, Midway, (Summit & Wasatch Counties, Utah),

Wyoming Jumbo Loans

Jackson Hole & all other areas of Wyoming



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