Residential Hard Money Loan Program

The following Hard Money Loan scenario is just one (1) of the many hard money loan options available.

This hard money loan scenario is not for all clients.

There are other scenarios, other lenders that we have available.

We have Money available to lend for Hard Money Loans secured by Commercial Real Estate in UT, AZ, NV, WY, & ID. (Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming and Idaho).

We can fund in 1 week or less.

No Minimum Credit Score

* NO Upfront Fees
* Seller Carry-backs are OK on Purchases
* Foreclosures OK
* Five to Seven-Year Term/30-Year Amortization
* Multi-Family Residential
* UT Land Loans – on a case-by-case basis
* Commercial Property
* Business Loans Secured by Real Estate
* 60% LTV on Single Family with a seller carry back allowed
80% LTV on Single-Family Residential with 20% down payment from the seller or through equity.
* 65% Maximum LTV on Multi-Family Residential (Seller carry back allowed)
* 50% Maximum LTV on Commercial (Seller carry back allowed)
* Loan Amounts to $500k Commercial & Residential Loan Amounts from $20k to $400k

If you have EQUITY in your real estate and need a loan, call today with your loan scenario.

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