Good Neighbor Next Door Program

Officers, Firefighters, Medical, Teachers

HUD’s Good Neighbor Next Door initiative is designed to encourage the renewal of revitalization areas by providing law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and teachers an opportunity to purchase homes at a discount.

HUD provides a substantial incentive in the form of a fifty percent (50%) discount off the list price of eligible properties and a minimum down payment of just $100.  In exchange, HUD requires that the buyer lives in the home for at least three (3) years as their sole residence.

The homes that are available for sale as a part of the Teacher next door program have been foreclosed on for homes that had an FHA mortgage loan. The homes that are foreclosed on and taken back by HUD become eligible properties for the Good Neighbor Next Door Program. The biggest challenge is finding homes that are available for sale that is eligible from HUD.

You have to visit HUD’s website for the list of homes.

For a list of homes that are available for sale,  visit HUD’s website for the list of homes.

For more information on The Good Neighbor Next Door program, visit HUD’s website for The Good Neighbor Next Door.