Down Payment Assistance in Davis County am for qualified first-time home buyers wishing to purchase a pre-existing home up to $200,000 in sales price (new construction is not eligible). It is a federally funded program which provides eligible home buyers with a grant of up to $5,000 that can be used for  50% of the down payment, all or part of reasonable closing costs or all or part of the premium for mortgage insurance required up-front by a private mortgagee. Funds can not be used for cash back, Realtor’s commissions or to buy down points.

The home must be a single family dwelling such as a detached house, town house, condominium, cooperative unit or a combination of manufactured housing and lot.

The program is available throughout Davis county with the exception of Fruit Heights, South Weber, Layton and Clearfield.

The grant is forgiven at a declining rate over a 5-year residency requirement from the date of closing. If the buyer sells, exchanges, transfers title, obtains a second mortgage or decides to refinance within the 5 year period the grant will be paid back on a pro-rated basis.

Income eligibility is based on 80 percent of the area median income as established by HUD.