What is HIP?

Our Home Improvement Program (HIP) allows you to purchase or refinance your home and include home improvements or renovations into a single loan with one payment and one interest rate. With a HIP Loan, you can:

  • Finance updates from flooring, windows and paint to a complete home renovation
  • Work with authorized, licensed contractors to complete the work on time and on budget
  • Create instant equity in your home

Get help every step of the way from the origination of your loan to the completion of the renovation project. We will be there to get your loan closed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • A certified HIP Project Manager will consult with you on the scope of work of the project, advise you on required repairs, and review contractor bids to ensure they are acceptable for the program.
  • A certified Escrow Administer will help you through the draw process of your project. They will help to manage the draws and payments to your contractor and see you through the renovation process to completion.


HIP Program Guidelines:
  • Maximum Loan Amount: Conventional maximum = $417,000 (including improvements), FHA maximum varies by county
  • Loan Types: 15yr or 30yr fixed rate Purchase or Refinance loans (not an equity loan)
  • House must currently be (or soon be) owner occupied
  • House must be at least 1 year old
  • Home improvement costs must be completed by approved, licensed and insured contractors
  • Home’s equity must be sufficient enough to cover purchase price or current mortgage pay off plus repairs as demonstrated by a “Subject To” appraised value