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Did you know that if you want to live in Salt Lake City, Utah I know of a way that you can receive the 3.5% towards the purchase of a buying house. Why rent when you can buy a house and have payments that are basically the same if not better than renting. If you have been use to renting with payments between $900 & $1,200 per month, you are throwing money down the drain when you could buy a house right now. Even if you have had a bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy: If you have made 12 consecutive good payments on a chapter 13, then you qualify right now. Chapter 7 bankruptcy, two (2) years since the discharge of your chapter 7 bankruptcy. Foreclosure or Short-sale: 3 years since the date of teh sale or transfer. If you have been turned down for financing from a bank or credit union and have been told you can’t qualify or you don’t think you can qualify, you haven’t gone to the specialist. Ben Gerritsen is the FHA Guru and credit specialist. Ben specializes in helping individuals with financing when other banks and credit unions don’t know how to help them. He will help you go from renting or from being in a bad loan and get you the financing that others cannot and do not know how to help you get mortgage financing.  Ben specializes in helping people that think they are un-bankable become bankable in a short time period. A  home with a sales price of $150,000  using an FHA loan, is comparable in what paying rent is in  Salt Lake City, Utah. If your sick of renting in Salt Lake City, Utah or other areas of Utah I’d suggest getting in touch with me, Ben Gerritsen, the FHA Guru. We make home mortgage loans / fund mortgage loans in Utah (UT). Jumbo Loan Lender, Park City Jumbo Loans, Salt Lake City Jumbo Loans, Utah Jumbo Loan Lender, Utah Jumbo Loans
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