Are Non-QM Loans A Good Option For Investors?

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You’re ready to begin your house-buying adventure. But even the first step in the process might cause you to second-guess your decision on how to finance your new home. The procedure of applying for a qualifying mortgage with a W-2 job as your primary source of income may appear to be simple. However, it is […]

Reverse mortgages: Easy money or dumb move?

By Around the Web Reverse mortgages let seniors convert their home equity into cash without having to sell their house, but such loans come with significant risk….(read more) Forward this article via email: Send a copy of this story to someone you know that may want to read it. Read More…    

The CFPB’s Debt Collection Complaint Report: Lots of Fury Signifying Nothing

By Around the Web Christopher J. Willis Yesterday, the CFPB released its annual report on debt collection, along with a press release. The headline, according to the Bureau, is that “Consumers Report Being Hounded About Debts Not Owed,” and the Bureau reported that more than one-third of the complaints it received were about collection efforts […]