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Mortgage Miracles Happen is a mortgage loans company (mortgage broker) in Utah, located in Ogden, Utah for the following loan types of mortgage loans; conventional mortgage loans, FHA Mortgage Loans, VA Mortgage Loans, USDA, Jumbo mortgages, Reverse mortgages, construction loans, Non-QM, hard money loans.
If you are looking to buy a house or to refinance  in North Ogden, Utah, whether you have lived here for many years or you are new to the area, we are excited to see those that buy a home in this beautiful area of Utah
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Ben Gerritsen was raised and lives in North Ogden, Utah.  Ben is a local mortgage lender that owns a mortgage company in Ogden, Utah.
You can call Ben directly at: 385-626-6660
Contact Ben Gerritsen to help in mortgage financing either to purchase a new home loan or to refinance your existing mortgage. Ben Gerritsen is a life long resident of North Ogden. He grew up going to the schools in the area. He attended North Ogden Elementary, North Ogden Junior High, Weber High School and Weber State University.  He currently resides in the North Ogden area with his wife and children.
Ben feels that North Ogden Utah is among the top places in the country to raise a family. The elementary schools, junior high schools and high school is among the top places for educating children. 
Some of the benefits of North Ogden, Utah include the following:
North Ogden has an IHC Medical clinic, a physical Therapy office in the clinic, multiple pharmacies in the area. There are clinics for Ogden clinic in Pleasant View and in Ogden, both are neighboring North Ogden. North View Fire Department has grown to be a full time, full service fire station. There are four ambulances. 90% of all calls from the fire station are medical runs. Ogden City Fire Department sends a paramedic medical truck on every North View call for  back-up.  There are many dentists and dental offices in the area. We have an assortment of dentist’s in North Ogden and Pleasant View to choose from.  There are a few dentists that are pediatric dentist’s in North Ogden. There is a chiropractic office in North Ogden and a handful of others just outside of North Ogden. There are two major hospitals in Ogden, McKay Dee Hospital and Ogden Regional Hospital. There are specialists of every kind, from oncology (cancer) to cardiologists departments that are the top in the state, NICU departments that are the top in the state. Ogden Regional Hospital will get Hollywood / movie celebrities coming to have babies there because of the all around benefits from the NICU department, privacy policies, size of rooms, quality of doctors and staff an other benefits.  This is one of the hidden gems of hospitals in the country. Life Flight (with Search and Rescue a part of life flight) is an active part of the hospitals and EMS system.
Animal Hospitals There are two animal hospitals in North Ogden.
Public Transportation
UTA (Utah Transit Authority) connects North Ogden to downtown Ogden and the rest of the Wasatch Front every 15 minutes of the day.  From downtown Ogden, you can connect not only to the rest of Ogden, but also the rest of the WasatchFront. From downtown Ogden, you can connect to Salt Lake by either bus or The Frontrunner.  This is a convenient way to go to Salt Lake City, do work on the train with high speed internet access and not have to worry about traffic on I-15.
The educatioin in North Ogden is high. There are 5 elementary schools in the area, 2 junior highs (North Ogden Junior High & Orien Junior High) and the high school, Weber High is among the top high schools in the entire state for education. The elementary’s are: North Ogden Elementary, Green Acres Elementary, Bates Elementary, Lomand View Elementary (in Pleasant View, kids in parts of North Ogden attend Lomand View), University & Technical schools. Weber State University is a 15 to 20 minute drive from North Ogden.  The Weber State Wildcats are the largest University in the area. Most students commute each way to school. There is a top business school, Dental program, nursing school and many other programs at the university. There is a football, basketball, track and field program at the school. Weber Davis ATC (Area Technical College).  There are many trades at this school. From hair dressing, fork lift driving, business clases, computer classes, database classes, technical school classes and many other trades. Stevens Henager College of Business in Ogden is a great school for a business school, hair and others.
Recreation program(s)
There are many parks in North Ogden that are city owned by the city. The rec program has football, baseball, basketball, flag football for the little kids, soccer for AYSO, indoor soccer in downtown Ogden, Weber High School has a wrestling program for agest 5 & up starting in the fall. There is a Rugby club at Weber High school Dance programs for girls that are as young as 3 on up. Both private on through the schools. There are private dance schools in the area that are top dance studios for the girls.
The mountains in the bowl of North Ogden are breathtakingly beautiful. Living in North Ogden is a hidden gem and jewell in the country.
Quiet and Peace:
There are an abundant of activities and a quiet life.
Family Atmosphere
The atmosphere to raise children and a family is second to none other in the country.
Crime Rate
The crime rate is North Ogden, Utah is among the lowest in the state and the country.
Cost of Living
The cost of living is less is attractive. Compared to other major metro areas in Utah (Salt Lake Valley, Park City, Provo, Utah County and other areas), North Ogden has a low cost of Living. Housing is affordable. It is among the lowest in the state. Grocery stores are close by compared to living in the outskirts of Weber County.  We have two major grocery stores in North Ogden and we are close to another 5 grocery stores with-in 5 minutes of North Ogden.