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Mortgage Miracles Happen is a Florida mortgage broker for residential and commercial mortgage loans in all areas of Florida.
Mortgage Miracles Happen is a Florida mortgage broker for Florida home loans (Mortgage Loans).

We are a Florida mortgage broker that offers Florida mortgage loans to the public.

Mortgage Miracles Happen, LLC gets wholesale pricing and passes on the savings to the public for these loan products. We work with many different lenders that offer all types of different mortgage products, they each specialize in different types of products, credit types. Each lender has a reason why we will submit one clients loan file to them vs. another. 


We help do the loan shopping for our clients as we have the relationships with the banks and their staff. We help speed up the process by helping the loan file be put together so the process will go smooth. 








We offer the following loan types of mortgage loans; Conventional Mortgage LoansFHA Mortgage LoansVA Mortgage LoansUSDA Mortgage LoansJumbo mortgagesReverse mortgagesNon-QM Mortgage loans, hard money loans.





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