About us

Mortgage Miracles Happen, is a mortgage broker headquartered in Ogden, Utah. We have relationships with the top wholesale mortgage banks in the country that offers wholesale pricing, the mortgage brokerage companies. As result pass the good terms on clients with low fees to clients, has gives us a big competitive advantage over other mortgage companies and other lenders. Mortgage Miracles Happen, as Ben Gerritsen. Ben has mortgage business for nearly two decades. Ben has help many people by home, and refinance to better their lives.

Loan Options – Many Options

The type of mortgage loans that we offer is purchase & refinance mortgage loans, including conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo Mortgages, Reverse Mortgages & Non-QM Mortgages (Bank Statement Loans & other non-conventional mortgage loans). As a mortgage broker for home loans, we offer many mortgage loan options to get a mortgage loan. Therefore, we have the flexibility of helping clients that cover a broad spectrum of mortgage loans based on the needs of each client. We have loan programs, including first-time homeowners, move-up buyers, business owners (self-employed business owners), commissioned income, Reverse mortgage loans, investors, those with all different types of credit. As we get to know each client’s surrounding circumstances, we find the right loan that best fits each person’s situation.

Easy & Tough Loans

As a mortgage broker, we have an advantage, whether your loan scenario is easy or tough, we offer all types of mortgage loans. Many times we get loans done for clients when they’ve been turned down somewhere else because we have the choice of many lenders and options that others do not offer and have to work with. With our vast array of lending options with flexibility with guidelines to cover many different options.

Troubled Credit – We have solutions to help

Mortgage Miracles Happen works with all types of credit. We have tools to help review credit and find out exactly where you stand so we know how to help each person.

Online Technology

We use online technology to be efficient and to simplify the loan process for our clients and our staff. We have an easy online loan application and also easy online document storage for uploading documents for clients. For that reason, this translates into shorter time-frames and lowers costs.


We get loans done quickly! As a result of the online technology we use we are able to close loans in 15 to 22 days. Our average loan closing is 3 weeks from start to finish.

Superior Customer Service

We want to be your mortgage lender of choice! Our efficient and personable team at

Mortgage Miracles Happen

is one that you can count on for your financing. Customer service is critical to us. We strive for high customer satisfaction, giving each client a high level of service and to exceed the expectations of our valued clients. Getting a client a loan and a great rate is not enough for us, yet they are critical. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, personal touch, and service to each client, and also helping clients with getting great deals on the terms of their loans. Often we bend over backward to help people through one of the most grueling experiences in today’s tough economic world.

Experience and Expertise

Ben Gerritsen is the principal Lending Manager of Mortgage Miracles Happen. Ben has much experience with all loan types in the real estate finance industry. Ben has experience in residential and commercial lending, but we get to know your goals and help our clients prepare to meet their goals.

Professional Guidance for Each client

We give professional advice and counsel to each client because each individual has a unique set of circumstances. We get to know each client’s situation, couple that with technology and analytical data to help determine the best loan available for their situation. Our team of mortgage loan officers will evaluate and recommend the right loan and best price for each client.


In addition to being available during the day, we can also be reached during evenings and weekends. Our commitment is to help each client get the right financing and also to understand the loan process, as well as to make it as simple as possible. We aspire to be our clients’ Lifetime Lender! We lend in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Texas, Utah & Wyoming.