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Ben Gerritsen

Lending Manager / CEO

Ben Gerritsen has been a mortgage loan officer since 2003 and is the owner of Mortgage Miracles Happen. Ben is licensed as a mortgage loan officer in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Texas, Utah, Wyoming. Ben also is a licensed Life, Health, Disability Insurance, and Long Term Care Insurance agent.  Ben’s background and experience help individuals, families, and business executives with financing and also insurance products.

Ben has helped many people and families purchase homes, refinance to better their financial affairs. Ben enjoys teaching and helping individuals & families about finances and helping them with the financing of the largest financial transaction that a family enters into in their life. Ben has a knack for getting loans funded that others don’t know how to help clients. He has the tenacity to help clients that can get financed yet are tough to do. Ben has experience and relationships for the financing of many different types of transactions, not just the easy transactions but also the tough transactions.

Ben is also a partner in an insurance company, Insure My Life Right, LLC. www.insuremyliferight.com

Ben loves playing sports, hiking, playing tennis, basketball, baseball, coaching youth soccer, youth t-ball, and baseball.

Ben Gerritsen