Jumbo Mortgage Loans

Jumbo mortgage loans and super jumbo mortgage loans requires the assistance of a jumbo mortgage loan specialist that has years of experience with jumbo loans for multi-million dollar homes in high end neighborhoods.

We have more jumbo loan products and jumbo loan options for home buyers & home owners that are looking to refinance their Jumbo Loan.

We get deals done others can’t do

We have multiple mortgage banks we fund through.

This gives us the power of options that our competition does not have.

We have multiple sources for loan choices.

Many times a borrower will come to us after they have been promised something from a bank, credit union or another mortgage lender.  They tell us they need a loan done in a short amount of time and they are backed up against a wall and need help.

Many times we can help them and get their loan done because we have the choice of many lenders and options that others do not offer and have to work with.

The Jumbo Mortgage  loan options that we have for jumbo Loans are:

15 & 30 year fixed Jumbo Mortgage loans

5, 7 & 10 Year Jumbo ARM Loans.

Competitive Pricing

We deal with the wholesale side of mortgage lending.

We have better terms & pricing for our borrowers!

Rates may vary based on your loan amount, credit scores, LTV (loan amount / Value).
The loan options that we have for Super- jumbo Loans are:

30 Year Fixed Super- Jumbo Loans

15 Year Fixed Super-Jumbo Loans

5, 7 & 10 Year Jumbo ARM Loans

Rates vary based on your loan amount, Fico (credit) scores, LTV (loan amount / Value), if the loan is a purchase, refinance or a cash out loan.

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Mortgage Miracles Happen is a Jumbo Mortgage Lender in Colorado, Texas & Utah.