Conventional purchase loans

Contrary to what many people have heard that you have to have 20% down, this is NOT true.

We offer mortgage loans to purchase a home with as low as 3% down payment.

Down payment as low as 3% down (97% LTV / Loan amount of the purchase price).

3% Down Payment – You cannot make more than the Maximum Income Guidelines permit.

5% down payment – up to 417,000 loan amount. – With & without mortgage insurance options.


Mortgage insurance is required on loans that have less than 20% down payment.

Loans that have no mortgage insurance with less than a 20% down payment (or LTV that is greater than 80%), the way there is no MI is by having a slightly higher interest rate. The bank is paying for the mortgage insurance by having a higher interest rate. So it’s a trade off, have MI by a monthly premium or pay a higher interest rate.

There are pro’s and cons to both scenarios. To know which way to go is best done by consulting with a licensed mortgage professional that knows how to price and determine all options and then present each scenario so the client can take the information to make a wise financial decision on what the best route is.